MET Atlanta

Retail & Restaurant

Experience purchasing a product while seeing it made.

The MET provides a marketplace for entrepreneurs, artists, creatives and makers looking for a place to connect with their customers. It is now more important than ever to provide both an experience as well as a product. The MET provides a breeding ground for like-minded creators leveraging one another and a made at the MET culture.

Activity & connection

Whether you are looking for a polished showroom, gallery, restaurant or a temporary spot in our open-air market, spaces are designed to accommodate a broad spectrum of retailing. The MET is a hive of activity and connection, supporting the many workers, visitors and people living on site.

  • Connectivity to MARTA and the BeltLine
  • Easy access to I-20 & I-75/85
  • Historic concrete construction
  • 16-18’ ceilings with skylights
  • Oversized windows/garage doors
  • Bathrooms in each space
  • Flexible floor plans